World’s favorite Instagram destinations for 2016

10. Jakarta

Instagram has revealed the cities around the world that that were geotagged the most in 2016. In at #10 is the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, home to such photogenic activities as this greased pole-climbing contest to mark the country’s Independence Day.



Istanbul9. Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey was in at #9 — and may have also played a part in #turkey being named the year’s most popular food hashtag. A woman snaps a picture during the city’s annual Tulip Festival, held in April.



CARNIVAL IN RIO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil8. Rio de Janeiro

Brazil has two cities in 2016’s top ten list. It’s unsurprising, given that this year Rio hosted the Olympics, with some events held in Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and beyond.



Peterhof palace, St Petersburg, Russia7. St Petersburg

St. Petersburg was helped to its position as the world’s seventh most geotagged city by the 18th-century State Heritage Museum, which was the 15th most Instagrammed museum in 2016.



Los Angeles, California, USA6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city custom-made for sun and selfies. One perfect spot for making your friends jealous of your #blessed life is the 102-acre Terranea Resort on the Palo Verdes peninsula.



Louvre Museum, Paris5. Paris

Paris is home to four of the most Instagrammed museums (#1 Louvre, #12 Centre Pompidou, #13 Musee d’Orsay, #24 Fondation Louis Vuitton) and the fifth most Instagrammed location (the Eiffel Tower, as if you need to ask).



4. Sao Paulo

In a city of skyscrapers, Sao Paulo’s Edificio Italia still impresses. Terraco Italia, on the 42nd floor, is a great spot for taking snaps of the urban sprawl in between courses.



Red square, Moscow3. Moscow

St. Basil’s Cathedral might be one of Moscow’s most famous sites, but its most Instagrammed location in 2016 is the VDNKh exhibition center and amusement park.



london2. London

The UK capital is chock-a-block with photo opportunities involving red buses, red phone boxes and black cabs, as well as world-famous Big Ben and the London Eye.



Times Square, new york1. New York

New York is the city the world loved to photograph most in 2016, from the Brooklyn Bridge (pictured) to Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Katz’s Deli.


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